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Accessibility on this website is guided by its creators.  Whilst we aim to make this website accessible to all users we are continually trying to achieve a high standard of accessibility to everyone. 


If you experience any accessibility issues on this site or have any comments, please contact us at


Adjusting Text Size


  • Internet Explorer: Go to "View" on the menu bar > Select text size / zoom

  • Firefox: Go to "View" on the menu bar > Select text size / zoom. Alternatively hold down the "Ctrl" button on your keyboard and press the plus (+) key to increase text size. To reduce the latter hold down the "Ctrl" button and press the minus (-) key

  • Safari / MacOS: Go to "View" on the menu bar > Toggle between "Zoom In" and "Zoom Out" until comfortable OR press the "Command" key and "+" button simultaneously

Please note that the above settings may differ depending on the browser version.


Downloading Files


Depending on the software you currently have installed on your Computer or Portable device, you may need to download the following readers/viewers to access different document formats on the Ffrind i Mi website. These can be downloaded free from relevant and trusted external websites as shown below:



Multilingual Website


The Ffrind i Mi/Friend of Mine Website has a multilingual feature enabled for users who speak English, Welsh or both.  We have made a great effort to ensure that the Welsh version of the site is spell correctly and up-to-date.  However, if any mistakes are spotted, please contact us.


To use the multilingual feature simply toggle between "EN" and "CY".  We have designed the site to work for everyone, therefore the site will first load in the users chosen browser language.


**PLEASE NOTE, the Welsh site of the website is still being integrated and therefore will not yet be available for use.  We are working tirelessly to get the integration complete as soon as possible.** If you with to converse in Welsh, please let a member of the team know upon contacting us.







Last Updated May 2022

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